Our Team

We are women of color.

We are artists + creatives.

We are business owners.

We are community focused.

We are Made By Us.

Darlene Okpo


Darlene Okpo is a NYC native and educator with a passion for books and reading, who has been spearheading the design and development of educational spaces for many years. Her love for the arts developed at a young age where she would always create, from fashion, jewelry, sculpting, anything using her hands was art therapy for her.

As an educator and entrepreneur Darlene believes in giving back to her community by providing resources that will help them succeed in their journey to success.


Nicole Ebanks


As an acrylic based artist, Nicole has a natural talent for capturing the essence of her subject with bold strokes and vibrant colors. Her unique style combines a passion for creativity with a willingness to experiment and take risks, resulting in truly captivating works of art. Whether she is depicting a serene landscape or a dynamic portrait, her acrylic paintings are always infused with energy and emotion, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who sees them.


Celine Gordon

Production manager

Celine Alexia Gordon popularly know as Rebel Spice is a singer, song writer and recording artist from the Bronx, New York. As the Production Manager for Made By Us Rebel (Celine) plans to ensure women continue to have a safe spaces to gather, cultivate, create and find growth. Celine has always been an advocate for women empowerment. Made By Us has allowed her to to enforce those beliefs through community outreach by hosting our creative crafting workshops.


Qualan Faloye

strategic brand partnerships

Qualan (kway-lahn) is an 8yr media professional, interior designer, and owner of A Flare of Home; a Bronx based luxury home goods brand. With Made By Us, she hopes to challenge narratives about BIPOC women in art and leadership roles, bridge the gap between the closet dreamers and  a vibrant community of creators, and empower them to build the lives they want to live everyday no matter their circumstances.


Ariana Barreto

Sponsorship Manager

Ariana is the founder of Fairy Squad Mother NYC, which is catered to the creative mind. With a lifelong love for crafted art, yarn has always been a medium of choice for Ariana. Her mother first taught her how to crochet when she was eight years old. She then taught herself to knit, and tuft. As artists, each piece of art we create, holds a story. Creating your own tufted art brings a special decor to your space that brings you pride, and gives you peace. 


Adocia Moore

food service manager

Adocia is a woman with golden hands but first and foremost she is a Chef & a Food Enthusiast who is passionate about encouraging women to make love in abundance through cooking. Using their hands to create meals filled with love is another form of healing; her interpretation for wholesome health. Her golden rule is to inspire and uplift women to do what they love while being good to your mind & body with a clean and more proper way of eating the natural way.